How It Works

Light it... And enjoy its
warm glow
Melt-it... And enjoy its
fragrant aroma
Pour it on... And enjoy its
soothing all natural oil


Snuff your candle and carefully
remove your surprise


Unwrap your surprise!
Take a photo of it and send to
to discover its value!

Maximize Relaxation and Healing
Nothing can be more relaxing than a massage with our scented oil candles.

Not only is a massage good for muscle recovery but the coconut and jojoba oils will give you the glowing perfect skin you’ve always wanted.
Rekindle the Romance
If you are trying to think of a way to take your relationship to another level, then our massage oil candles are the answer. What better way to cap a romantic evening than with a scented oil massage.

Our candles will make a great surprise gift for your lover.
Set the Mood & Deepen Your Meditation
A delicious inviting scent filling the air will work wonders to take your mind off of the day. Aromatherapy can increase feelings of happiness and contentment.

Meditation has been shown to help increase long term mental focus, decrease stress, slow aging, and gives you a greater sense of connection with yourself and others. Experience an even deeper connection with the divine scents of our candles.